Mmmmm... Birria Tacos

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Chile Sauce

Working with dried chiles is easy. Once softened, blend everything to make it smooth. 

Traditionally, birria is made with lamb or goat and more recently with beef roast. For a quicker and less expensive alternative, I'm using chicken thighs.

To make a smoother sauce, strain it into a bowl to remove any bits from the chiles or meat. Swirl the spoon around the bottom to sort of "press" the sauce through.

Dip a corn tortilla in the red chile sauce then place in hot skimmed oil from the top of the sauce to make the taco crispy.

Add shredded chicken and cheese to the center of the tortilla. Be extra careful since things can splatter quite a bit when the sauce touches the hot oil.

I like to use two spatulas, one for each hand. Hold it steady with one spatula and fold over the taco with the other.

Remove to a paper towel to drain before serving. I rolled up a ball of foil to help keep the tacos standing up. I learned this from making my tamales recipes!

Dip and Enjoy!